How I got involved in IT

I don’t remember when exactly I wrote my first line of code – it could have been either 1991 or 1992 during informatics class in the middle school. I started to write a lot of code regularly in 1993, at the age of 13, when I got my first personal computer – an old used ZX-Spectrum 48k.

At this tender age, recognition among the peers is very important. So at first, my motivation in writing computer programs was to impress my friends, then on to impress my informatics school teacher :-) A couple of my friends and myself quickly grew out of school curriculum, and soon were hunting for every bit of information regarding ZX architecture and assembly language, as no manuals nor textbooks were within our reach. Eventually, in 1994 we published a ZX-Spectrum game, playable enough to gain some popularity in our school.