“The greatest gift that I could possibly have received to give me a chance to start a business was to find you. You are a great person and a great developer! (Also, honestly, I could not have afforded domestic rates. Yet you are far better than anyone I could have found domestically!) Believe me, I know how lucky I am. Your support, especially on time-sensitive issues is phenomenal. You’re amazing! :)”
– Michael Price, Edit24-7 service owner

“I’ve worked virtually with Anton since 2006 and have found him to be an excellent resource over that time where he did work for myself and my clients. He has worked on several projects (of all shapes and sizes) for startups, regional media companies and even for national media like USA TODAY Sports.”
– Patrick Scanlon, The Americast Media Network Inc.

“I find ElectroVendor software very useful & convenient for small businesses and retail shops. Plethora of amazing features! I recommend it every chance I get.”
Samer Hassani, retail shop owner

“Before we started using Cafeprint online software, our order management and resource planning was a total mess. We used combination of Excel tables and custom software developed within our company, and at any given moment we were not quite sure what resources we have and who owes us what. Anton’s Cafeprint software helped us establish operational transparency for all our employees and promptly respond to the needs of the customers, which eventually brought our printing company to the leading position in the area for the following years. Anton provided exceptional technical support and all the features we requested were immediately added to the working version.”
Ekaterina Mastropas, CTO of Vitrina-Print agency in 2005-2007

“Working with Anton has been a pleasure. We established rapport and a professional working relationship bridging great distances in place and time. We were able to bring the work to completion on time and on budget. Anton patiently addressed our nit picking tying up loose ends and fixing what needed to be fixed quickly, professionally, and economically. We are looking forward to working with Anton on new projects as they come along.”
– David Hary, Integrated Scientific Resources

“I want to thank you SO much for your top notch support. Usually I have to wait several hours, if not days, before I receive answers to my tech questions. Your company is a much needed breath of fresh air and I will wholeheartedly recommend you every chance I get.”
– Cynthia Turcotte, Providence Business Group